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Facebook Twitter. Jared was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He was married to cosplay artist Heidi O'Ferrall. His show was a part of Normal Bootsa network formerly run by Jon. He reviews games on his channel, sometimes from the modern era, and sometimes from earlier consoles. He is also known to do "One Minute Reviews" of certain newer games. Due to a social media fallout surrounding his personal life, Jared was on an extended social media hiatus from May to late August He made his Grumpcade debut on February 4th, on Vice Project Doom and have been featured on several episodes since.

In Aprilthe Game Grumps were made aware of accusations that Jared had been soliciting nudes from his fans, and allegedly minors, which Jared later disputed. Subsequently, all videos featuring Jared were set to private, and completely removed in May the same year. The Grumps have not directly commented on the accusations. Following the announcement of his divorce and the surrounding social media fallout, Jared took an extended social media hiatus starting from May of He broke his silence in late August that year with a new video, claiming that the accusations of knowingly swapping nudes with minors was untrue: One of the accusers had lied to Jared about their age, and the other had suffered a serious brain injury around the time, warping their memory of events.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Jared's "Grump Head," as MekaDragon. As seen on the King of Tokyo playthrough.

reddit projared video

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Arin - Danny - Ross - Suzy - Brian. Vernon - Leighton - Jory - Tyler. Commander Holly - Continue?Update: Three months after being accused of soliciting nude photos from minors, gaming YouTuber Jared 'ProJared' Knabenbauer has responded to the allegations with a video entitled, "You've been lied to.

Knabenbauer said he agreed to share the photos after numerous fans asked him to, in order to provide "a safe place for people who wished to express themselves in that way. He also insisted that the offer was never meant to abuse the power imbalance between a popular content creator and a largely young fan base. It doesn't matter how neutral the intent was, just being in this position causes a power imbalance. A lot of people saw that and were upset at me for that reason, and to those of you who feel that way, I completely understand how you feel and why you feel that way.

And I'm sorry. I feel that what I was doing was not predatory, but it was unhealthy. The bulk of the video is however dedicated to refuting two specific allegations that Knabenbauer solicited photos of two underage fans. He claimed to have no memory of speaking to one, Chai, and said that his search for evidence of correspondence with Chai came up empty. He also shared a Medium message in which Chai said that he suffered a serious accident during PE class, and alleged that the hallucinations and memory loss described by Chai make him an untrustworthy source.

He acknowledged interacting with his second accuser, Charlie, but said that the screens Charlie posted to back up their claims "didn't sound right at all. Knabenbauer said he apologized to the two accusers because in the initial shock of the accusations, he believed them too. He also said that he was not fired from the Normal Boots website but resigned to avoid negatively impacting its viewer count.

Jared 'ProJared' Knabenbauer, a popular gaming YouTuber who before today had 1 million subscribers, has been accused of soliciting and receiving nude photos from underage fans. Knabenbauer has not commented on the allegations. It was ostensibly a body-positive space for consenting adults, and I approved on that basis.

According to O'Ferrall, Knabenbauer's efforts "escalated" to the use of a private Snapchat, which she was initially unaware of and felt uncomfortable with. I would like to apologize for my role in enabling this.

According to two former fans who chose to speak up in the wake of O'Ferrall's public criticism of the YouTube star, they were not consenting adults, and were actually underage when they exchanged nude photos with Knabenbauer. One former fan who goes by the name Chai says that he had sexually explicit conversations with Knabenbauer at the age of 16, and that they exchanged nude photos.

I believe Heidi, and I believe every other victim. Feel free to RT, to spread awareness of his actions. I won't be answering any questions. Not today.

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In his statement, Chai references a friend who allegedly had a similar experience with ProJared. That friend, who goes by Charlie, subsequently released a statement detailing similar interactions. Charlie, who was a "really, really big fan of ProJared" between the ages of 15 and 16, says that they do not recall Knabenbauer asking for their age after receiving nude photos.

Charlie points out that because many of ProJared's fans were minors, openly soliciting nudes from them was bound to have this result. The two friends began collecting evidence of Knabenbauer's behavior sometime in or aroundsome of which Charlie has posted on Twitter in the thread beneath their statement, and Chai says they had already been preparing to come forward before O'Ferrall's tweets.

YouTube star ProJared is accused of infidelity and emotional abuse by his estranged wife

But those tweets, and the ensuing conversation around Knabenbauer's fan interactions, is what spurred them to come forward now. Before this week, Chai had already informed NormalBoots about the inappropriate behavior. Chai published a screenshot of an email dated April 5 in which NormalBoots manager Jacque Khalil assures him that the matter is being taken seriously. Khalil confirmed to PC Gamer that Chai's complaint was received, and that ProJared is no longer affiliated with the group.

He provided the following statement:. On April 4,an unsolicited e-mail was sent to the NormalBoots business account containing allegations of inappropriate conduct pertaining to Jared Knabenbauer. Upon receiving the e-mail, NormalBoots Manager, Jacque Khalil took immediate action to alert the appropriate parties, including Mr.

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Knabenbauer and the NormalBoots legal team, of the allegations. No other members of NormalBoots were made aware of the allegations while the investigation into the allegations was ongoing. NormalBoots understands the seriousness of this situation and does not condone any of the alleged actions of Mr.She also claimed he'd been soliciting nude photos from fans for years, leading others to come forward with allegations that he was doing so from minors.

Early in the video, he shares why he waited three months to say something, asserting that he wanted to be sure he could talk about it, looking to lawyers, law experts, and officials for guidance. So, here I am. He then opens up about the Tumblr site he operated, admitting he exchanged nude photos with fans on the site but insisting it was never more than an "open invitation" for consenting adults to do so. He makes clear that he understands that even if fans weren't getting anything specific in return, there was, by nature of his status as a YouTuber, an inherent reason why some fans would choose to engage anyway.

But it was unhealthy. He then moves on to allegations that he knowingly encouraged discreet interactions with two minors. He start by noting that tweets referencing both of most disturbing accusations in question have been deleted, stating that this is "the equivalent of firing a gun, and then trying to hide it while it's still smoking. He provides a host of context that he feels negates the credibility of two fans who accused him of inappropriate behavior.

For the first, which he refers to as Chai, ProJared asserts he doesn't remember any interactions with this fan at all. He then uses a story drawn from what he believes to be Chai's Medium account to negate this person's allegations of the timeline of ProJared's activities. When compared against the timeline Chai gave of the alleged communication with ProJared, the implication is that Chai was experiencing psychotic episodes at the time he claims to have been in contact with ProJared.

Next, he shares context from Charlie, a fan with whom he does recall interacting. At the time, Charlie claimed that ProJared solicited nude photographs and never asked his age. However, ProJared claims that he did, in fact, ask for Charlie's age, and that Charlie lied. ProJared then shows a series of Tumblr exchanges to support his claim. Via Twitter, Charlie had insinuated that ProJared's behavior was "predatory.

He also points out how, in an interview with The Daily Beast, Charlie shared that they did not recall ProJared having asked their age. ProJared then indicated that, since he did, in fact, ask about Charlie's age, their statement constitutes libel. He then goes on to explain his theories as to his accusers' motives, which he claims to point to money and attention. According to him, the first group the accusers notified about the claims were The Game Grumps, as opposed to law enforcement or even his then-wife.

He supplements his assertion that the claims were driven by fame and money by noting the heightened clout that followed the accusation.Other than his One Minute Reviews he makes long video reviews, Top 10s, and discussion videos. Many of his other videos range from hundred thousand to a million views.

He has also appeared on Game Grumps. ProJared has a good amount of followers across social media. As of August 27, he channel hassubscribers and 82, views. His Facebook has over 53, [6] likes, his Twitter has 94, followers [5] and his Twitch has over 31, [4]. Finally, his Reddit has readers. On May 9thProJared announced that he and his wife Heidi O'Ferrall were getting a divorce in a statement posted to Twitter shown below. The announcement made the split seem amicable, but shortly after it was posted, O'Ferrall posted several tweets alleging that Knabenbauer had been cheating on her with Holly Conrad, known as Commander Holly on YouTube, the ex-wife of Ross O'Donovan of Game Grumps shown below.

Furthermore, she alleged that he solicited from and sent nudes to fans via Snapchat shown below, left. This was corroborated by many who came forward with stories about receiving nudes from ProJared and being asked to send nudes.

She also called out Conrad saying she looked "insecure" in the nudes she sent to Knabenbauer shown below, right. Conrad had initially replied to Knabenbauer's tweet saying she was there to support him if he needed shown below, left.

After the scandal, ProJared's subscriber count on YouTube quickly plummeted by the thousands. The scandal was covered by Daily Dot [8] and Gaming Revolution. View All Videos.

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What Happened to ProJared? - How To Lose Everything in 24 Hours

Lawson's viral video became the meme format "Black Man Crying" back in and has spread around the web ever since. We caught up with him to uncover more behind the meme for a quick little interview. Following a debate on, well, anus cleaning on jschlatt's YouTube channel, fans littered YouTube, Reddit and Twitter with the same comment: "Truly disgusting that some people would do this horrible thing.

Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Mobile Game 'High Heels! Read Edit History. Top entries this week. Online Relevance ProJared has a good amount of followers across social media.

Search Interest. Latest Editorial And News. Event ProJared Cheating Scandal. Recent Videos Add a Video. Add an image. Tags projared jared normal boots youtube jared knabenbauer. View More Editors. Add a Comment. View More Comments.He was formerly employed by ScrewAttack. He is known for his reviews and occasional Top Tens.

reddit projared video

Jared was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In addition, he does occasional Top Tens, such as the Top Ten Bees in videogames, and has done 4 Nuzlocke challenges so far.

In Alpha Sapphire, he died to Winona after his plan to defeat her went awry. Jared has collaborated with quite a few other YouTubers.

Jared faced more controversy on the same day due to being accused of soliciting sexually explicit photos with fans. Within hours, purported fans began posting allegations of impropriety by Durham, two of whom claimed they were under 18 at the time, with testimonials and photographic evidence. Jared explained that he did indeed exchange nudes with fans on Tumblr and SnapChat, but always made it clear that it was for consenting adults only and that he never chased or abused people for nudes directly - in other words it was an open invitation to people who wanted to express themselves in that way with no incentive.

reddit projared video

Jared did however acknowledge that it was an "unhealthy" thing to do and that he understood why people took issue with this practise. He also detailed that he was in fact not fired from Normal Boots as stated before, but rather he resigned to prevent the other members of the group from being dragged into the controversy.

Jared then provides evidence against the claims that he solicited nudes from minors, showing that both of the allegations were unsubstantiated and could not have taken place, with one seemingly not taking place at all, and the other who despite Jared having indeed talked to on Tumblrnever turned sexual.

He also states he had no knowledge of the two being under 18 at the time and that they lied about their age to him. Jared also states that he never cheated on Heidi and that he was already attempting to divorce her as early as Octoberbefore he began his relationship with Holly, as well as that Heidi had refused to agree to it initially.

To support his claims, Jared displayed screenshots of his talks with his divorce lawyer taken around that time. At the end of the video, Jared criticizes all of the YouTubers who commented on the situation without taking time to get a full understanding of the situation or to message him to get his side.

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YouTuber ProJared accused of soliciting sexually explicit photos from underage fans. Archived from the original on May 10, Retrieved on May 9, YouTube star outed over cheating scandal by his own wife.

Categories :.By Andrew Court For Dailymail. One of YouTube's most popular gaming personalities has been accused of infidelity and emotional abuse by his estranged wife, just hours after their split was made public. Heidi O'Ferrall left has blasted her estranged YouTube star husband Jared Knabenbauer rightaccusing him of infidelity and emotional abuse. Explicit conversations and photographs of their relationship, which he extensively lied to me about on many occasions.

She later tweeted to Conrad directly, stating: 'Honestly HollyConrad you look very ashamed and insecure in all the nudes you sent my husband. O'Ferrall continued hitting out at her estranged husband, and then accuses him of soliciting explicit images from fans.

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The drama began on Thursday evening, when Knabenbauer announced the end of his marriage to O'Ferrall in a statement shared on Twitter. I know this may come as surprising and upsetting for many of you, but know that we do this so that we may both seek happiness for ourselves,' he wrote. Appearing to anticipate accusations of infidelity, Knabenbauer then added: 'During this time you may see a lot of rumors, speculation and gossip going around. I ask that you make your own observations and come to your own conclusions.

Hours later, O'Ferrall took to Twitter claiming she was blindsided by the split announcement, and claimed that it was an attempt 'to silence her'.

I told him it would be less embarrassing for him He declined. Heidi frequently featured in Jared's photos and videos, which were shared with his legion of followers.

I have been powerless by comparison. Knabenbauer, who is known for his comedic video game reviews, has not responded to his estranged wife's sensational claims. Conrad has also not issued a public statement, and has now set her Twitter account to private.

Later, O'Ferrall went further, claiming that her famous former spouse exchanged nude images with impressionable fans. I was there. In the beginning, it was a joke on blog site Tumblr,' O'Ferrall posted.

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YouTuber ProJared denies soliciting nude photos from minors (Updated)

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